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The Golf Academy

At the Alastair Grindlay Golf Academy, Alastair and his team use modern coaching methods and technology to help you improve your golf. We help you to understand your swing and what you need to do to be more consistent, powerful and accurate. Alongside technical coaching we use on-course analysis, bio-mechanical function, psychology and statistical feedback to find the correct keys to your game.

Alastair personally oversees The Junior Academy Programme which offers the chance for junior golfers to learn the game and work towards a future golf career or university placement.

The Academy programme

The Academy Programme – The secret to YOUR best golf

We, as golfers, have got the short straw. We have fallen in (and out) of love with the most frustrating sport of all.

All week you look forward to playing and hoping to play well. You’ve practiced, you’ve read the books, watched internet tips and bought the latest kit.

You’re ready but what happens? You play the first few holes badly, your confidence drains and your frustration builds.

By halfway you know you’re well over your handicap, you wonder why you’re stuck in the middle of a field when you could be enjoying yourself doing something else.

How many times have you asked the following questions?

* Where does consistency come from?

* Why do I leak shots so easily?

* How do I improve?

* Where do I start?

* What am I doing wrong?

What’s the solution?

The Academy Programme – this will give you everything you need to change your golf for the better. I have been achieving great results with golfers already signed up to this programme. It is affordable and open to anyone, costing the same as a couple of drinks a week.

How is it different?

The programme consists of a planned lesson schedule encompassing every element of golf. There are no limits on how many lessons you can have, I will give you as much time as you need to improve.*

What is included?

  • Easingwold driving range – this will give us an opportunity to practice all year round under cover in a top quality teaching room
  • Annual lesson plan – your plan will be structured around your lifestyle and what we are concentrating on
  • Golf statistics – exclusive to this package, free use of the new Game Golf GPS tracking technology. This will enable me to see what shots you are playing, how far they go and where
  • Skills challenges and benchmarking – we will use set skills challenges to track your progress and keep practice fun and interesting
  • Detailed analysis – we will use our top of the range launch monitor to dissect your technique to improve every part of it
  • On-course lessons – we will go on the course to look at strategy, planning and course management. We can improve your shots in certain situations and holes that give you problems
  • Short game – we will look at every part of your shorter shots, improving technique and confidence
  • Putting – we will improve technique, green reading (using an introduction to Aimpoint) and thinking on the greens
  • Lesson notes – you will be emailed lesson notes after every lesson which include details of the lesson, photos, drills and sometimes video clips
  • You cannot put a price on the level of expertise, technology and time I am prepared to give you (one of my current members used £1400 of lesson time last year but paid a fraction of that – and he signed up again).

I was really pleased with my one-year lesson plan with Alastair. It was very satisfying to see all areas of my game improve as a result, and to enjoy it at the same time!

So much so that I have signed up again and look forward confidently to continued improvement.

Ian F

I was one of Alastair’s clients who had one lesson every couple of months expecting this would change my whole game. Alastair helped me greatly in this time but it is not until I started his annual package that I saw huge improvements in every part of my game.

For the amount of quality time I had in lessons, going on the course etc this is a no brainer!

Tom A

What’s the price?

We offer all of this for an amazing price including two different ways of paying. If you want to sign up for the twelve month programme all you pay, to enjoy your golf more than ever before, is £70 per month.

Alternatively, if you want to save money you can pay £800 up front and not have to pay another penny for a whole 12 months.

The programme and payments last for twelve months

Different methods are available to pay each month

* Generally two sessions per month will be planned but more time can be used to aid improvement

Do you want to learn more?

If you are interested and would like to sign up or ask a few questions contact us today


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