Alastair Grindlay Golf

Advanced PGA Professional at Easingwold Golf Club

Alastair Grindlay Golf

Elite Golfers and Professional Coaching

Based at Easingwold Golf Club near York, Alastair and his team offer everything a golfer needs.

Alastair is an Advanced PGA Professional and one of the regions top golf coaches, providng a great learning environment to all levels of golfer.  Utilising the most modern equipment, including GC2/HMT Launch technology, high speed camera analysis, Explanar and green reading expertise your game is in the best hands.

Alastair’s Performance Studio allows coaching to be offered all year round in any weather including indoor putting lessons.

Alastair is one of the regions top coaches and works with top elite amateur golfers, PGA professionals and tour golfers.  Get in touch to arrange a consultation with Alastair and make an impact on your game, private hourly rates or a full Elite Programme is available.


+ Full game profiling

+ Matrix statistical software analysis

+ Annual training, coaching and tournament plan

+ Performance and practice benchmarking

+ Technical, physical and psychological analysis


+ On course coaching

+ All year round indoor/outdoor sessions

+ GC2/HMT launch monitor analysis

+ Detailed green reading technique

+ Emailed lesson and practice drill notes

Golf Performance Studio

The Alastair Grindlay Golf Performance Studio is the best golf lesson and club fitting experience you can find.  The Studio facilities allow us to offer play onto the driving range or indoor into the custom hitting net.  Using GC2/HMT technology, Swing Catalyst analysis swing software, 50” TV screen, Explanar and other teaching aids we can analyse and improve everyone’s golf game.

14ft Custom Built Putting Green

On our custom built putting green we can analyse your technique and check your green reading skills and visualisation.  We can adjust the green to change the slope for different breaking putts, even downhill or a hump back.

Alastair Grindlay

Alastair Grindlay

Advanced PGA Professional

Alastair is a level 3 coach and Advanced PGA golf professional who specialises in coaching and in particular the short game.
Alastair has been a golf professional for over 20 years and has worked extensively in the York area but also worked abroad in Germany and Spain.

Alastair established his Academy at Easingwold in 2013 and opened one of the most high tech indoor studios in North Yorkshire in 2015. In 2016, Alastair further improved the studio and launched The Bunker.

Nick Marchant

Nick Marchant

Assistant PGA Professional

Nick has been a golf professional for over 5 years and became PGA qualified in 2016. Nick is a member of the Europro Tour and plays regularly on the professional circuit.

Nick runs the coaching of the junior section at Easingwold and excels in custom fitting.

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Address: Alastair Grindlay Golf
Easingwold Golf Club
Stillington Road, Easingwold, YORK, YO61 3ET

Phone: 01347 821 964


Business Hours: 8am-6:pm all week